Animal Testing Lab

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Animal Testing Lab
Animal Testing Lab.png
Race: Beast
Role: Research
Production & Protection
Gold: 150
Build Time: 55
Requires: N/A
Hot Key: G
Armor: 1
HP: 550

The Animal Testing Lab provides you with the ability to research upgrades for beasts (Wolves, Werewolves, Snakes and Dragons). These Upgrades improve the stats of your beast units such as damage or armor. Forge and the Animal Testing Lab are the only buildings that can research upgrades.

| Beast Attack/Defense Upgrade Cost = 140g (+50 per lvl)

| Beast Upgrade Duration = 100 seconds (+20 per lvl)

Development[edit | edit source]

1.95: Beast upgrades now have the same duration and cost as human upgrades. (Beast upgrade time and duration has been increased to 100 (+20))

1.94: Beast upgrades: increased duration from 80 (+15) to 90 (+20)

1.92: Beast Attack and Armor upgrades: increased cost from 125 (+ 40 per level) to 140 (+ 50 per level); its the same now as human upgrades

1.9: Animal Testing Lab was added along with Wolves.