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There are many modded maps, minigames, and heavily customized maps in Littlewargame. Here is an attempt to list some of them.

Ladder Edition[edit | edit source]

Since the base game is no longer updated, more balanced and fun maps for the ranked map pool are created as modded maps ending with "LE##." The current official version is LE14.

Campaign maps[edit | edit source]

(the # symbol represents a number, aka. the episode or the act)
  • Campaign Act# P#: Currently there are two acts, 6 episodes for the first, and four for the second. The map was designed by Derpo.
  • Campaign - Part #: Only has three episodes, made by StoryMaps (convenient name).
  • Campaign #:Created by Itanocircus, and polished by Xi-Entaj, right now it stands proudly even with only three episodes.
  • ZAPAA Campaign #: An unusual two episode zombie fighting campaign made by Frenzy_Inbound.

Minigames[edit | edit source]

  • Age of Little War PvP: A strategy defense map based on the popular game 'Age of War'. Claim victory by building towers, upgrading units and using various abilities to overcome the enemy.
    • Age of Little War: Same as Age of Little War PvP, but you get to play against bots. Don't be fooled though, they are as hard to beat as real players!
  • Projectile Wars: A swift and crazy 6 player FFA map about controlling mages who are lobbing tons of projectiles at the enemy while trying to dodge theirs.
  • Soldier Wars: A 4 players map made by geeimatree. In this map, the only way of earning gold is to kill enemy troops. The aim is to kill as many enemy troops as possible while keeping your troops from dying, slowly upgrading their stats to overwhelm the opponent.
  • Space Wars #: A 4 players map made by Dor. There are currently 4 versions. In this map, unit upgrades can only be done at the start of the game and plays a very important role throughout the game.

Altered Melee[edit | edit source]

  • Fire Lords: A 2-player map by Xi-entaj. This map features all the regular units, plus a couple new ones, balance changes, and more focus on army over macro.
  • Mafia Monopoly: A 6 players map by bardecon. This map features entirely different buildings and units from those of standard littlewargame.
  • Shipbattle: A 3vs3 map with new units and buildings(ships and ports) and a sea where only boats and air creatures can travel.
  • Superunits: A mid-sized 6-player team map made by Phaxtolgia (YXTerrYXT,) which allows you to train up to 14 different Heroic Units to battle alongside vanilla units. Current version: 2.9.1
    • Superunits Classic: An older iteration of Superunits, a small team map of 4 players that lets you train 9 original superunits.
  • Vietnam: A 4 players team map made by bardecon. This map features entirely different buildings and units from those of standard littlewargame.

Species games[edit | edit source]

While a generally small amount of games consist this group, it is still worth a mention. These games are similar to altered melee, or minigames, but are generally different than both. Tubbinater is worth of a mention being the founder of this genre.

  • Extinction: A map mode in progress. Features 4 races as well as tens of new units and buildings. Originally made by Tubbinator but was left unfinished. Currently under development by Humon.
  • Kingdom Warfare: A 4 player ffa or 2v2 map made by the most retarded modder known to man. You can currently play as the most unoriginal race of all time, green skinned drunkards, or the most overpowered race since sliced grass....Yep...
  • The Species game: A 6 players map made by Tubbinater. It has 6 species: Humans, Wolves, Giants, Ancient Humans, Dwarves, and Undead. Version 2 has been developed by Humon.
  • War of the Wildlands: A 6 customizable team map made by Humon. You can play 5 factions: Necromancers, Dragons, Nomads, Steam, and Empire. Under development