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List of Units in LWG[edit | edit source]

Here is a list of all the Units in Little War Game. Each has it's strengths and weaknesses.

Abbreviation Meaning
HP Hit Points
DMG Damage
ARM Armor
VIS Vision
RAN Range

Human Units[edit | edit source]

Worker[edit | edit source]
  • The only unit in the game that can mine gold from goldmines.
  • Can be made in Castle, and Fortress
  • Starts with 7
Soldier[edit | edit source]
  • A melee unit with medium damage and armor
  • Can be made in Barracks.
Archer[edit | edit source]
  • A ranged unit
  • Can be made in Barracks
  • Counters: Dragons
Priest[edit | edit source]
  • A weak unit with strong spells
  • Has Summon Healing Ward, Invisibility ability
  • Good for healing units
Mage[edit | edit source]
  • A weak unit with strong spells
  • Can be made at the Barracks, and require Mage's Guild built
  • Has Fireball, and Slow Field ability
  • Strong vs massed units
Knight[edit | edit source]
  • A fast, tanky unit
  • Can be made at Stables
Raider[edit | edit source]
  • A Speedy Assassin-like unit
  • Can be made at Barracks
  • Can use Shroud ability after researching

Beast Units[edit | edit source]

Wolf[edit | edit source]
  • A fast ground unit with low hit points and health regeneration
  • Can be made in the Wolves Den
  • Counters: Strong vs Archers, Workers; weak against Soldiers, Werewolves.
Snake[edit | edit source]
  • A weak ranged unit
  • Can be made at the Wolves Den after building a Snake Charmer.
Werewolf[edit | edit source]
  • A slow, armored ground unit with semi-high hit points and regeneration
  • Can use a "Smash" ability to create space (can no longer use the ability in post-LE11 maps)
  • Can be made in the Werewolves Den
  • Counters: Catapults, Dragons
Dragon[edit | edit source]
  • A fragile flying unit.
  • Can do minor area-of-effect damage
  • Can be made in the Dragon's Lair
  • Counters: Strong against Workers, Soldiers, weak against Ballista.
Bird[edit | edit source]
  • A weak flying unit with no attack
  • Can be made at the Castles and Fortress
  • Used for scouting
  • Counters : strong vs none, weak against Watchtowers, Dragons.

Mechanical Units[edit | edit source]

Catapult[edit | edit source]
  • A long range siege unit with high damage
  • Can be built at the Workshop
  • Counters: Very strong against Watchtowers, Werewolves, weak against Dragons
Ballista[edit | edit source]
  • A slow, ranged anti-air ground unit
  • Can also attack ground units, but weaker.
  • Can upgrade its area of effect
  • Can be built at the Advanced Workshop
  • Counters: Very strong vs Dragons, weak vs Wolves.
Airship[edit | edit source]
  • A fast, flying transport unit
  • Can upgrade to increase detection
  • Can be built at the Advanced Workshop
  • Counters: strong against none, weak against Dragons, Ballistas
Gatling Gun[edit | edit source]
  • A fast, short-ranged unit for kiting.
  • Can make Caltrop, that slow down enemy units.
Gyrocraft[edit | edit source]
  • Fragile flying unit

Special Units[edit | edit source]

Unit Name Picture Cost Purpose Strengths and Weaknesses Stats
-Currently Untrainable
Shadow Wolf
80 -Currently Untrainable

-Fast, Ground Unit

-Medium Attack, Low Defense

-Has the ability to teleport

Strong: Archers, Workers

Weak: Soldiers, Werewolves

0 -Currently Untrainable

-Only trainable from spell

Medium Attack, Low Defense